Outer Hebrides 2008


It had bugged me for nearly a year that I'd failed to complete the trip unaided. So much so that I decided to give it another go.

I began training in March by cycling to work and back two days per week when possible. This 20 mile round trip over some not inconsiderable hills improved my fitness and I eventually knocked fifteen minutes off my first attempts. My daughter also volunteered me for the Andrea's Gift Big Bike Ride on 10th May to raise funds for the charity which works to help the fight against brain tumours. I was chuffed with my time for the 63 miles, four hours and twenty minutes.

Several kilos were shaved off the bike, the gear and me. A revision of the wild camping kit list meant a lighter Terra Nova tent, cut down OS maps and fewer clothes. Bike alterations included a Tubus front rack, added bar bag, Arkel panniers, a Brooks B17 saddle, A530 SPD single sided touring pedals and a new pump.

I watched the weather to try and predict more favourable conditions such as a southerly wind and no rain. The conditions in early June seemed ok for my next Outer Hebrides cycling tour, so off I went.

First day